1. I start with half gallon [1.9 L] milk, any style [non-fat, 1%, 2% full fat]. I use half gallon [1.9 L]
size since this makes two quarts [1.9L] of Yogurt that is easy to store and use in a few days.

2. In a microwave heat about 7 [1.66L] cups of milk in a glass 8 cup [1.9L] container to
about 180 to 200F [82 to 93 C] DO NOT BOIL the milk.
Easy method is to heat in microwave for about 10 minutes and check the temperature.
After heating to 180 to 200F [82 to 93 C], remove container and let cool.
Remove any scum [fat] that shows on top heated milk. Cool heated milk to about 110F [43C].

3. Suggest using quart [4 cup] [950 ml] containers for your finished Yogurt, like plastic food containers. I use one quart soup containers from carry out restaurants, see the below video.

4. To the quart [950 ml] plastic food container, add 2 tablespoons [25 ml] of plain full fat store brand yogurt. Full fat Yogurt starter is best, since it does not contain any additives.

5. Add the cooled [110 to 120F] [43 to 49 C] milk into each quart [950 ml] container.
Should have about 3.5 cups [830 ml] of heated milk and Yogurt starter in each container.

6. Placed the quart containers in a small ice chest or insulated camp cooler.
Add home hot water [110 to 120F] [43 to 49 C] to the camp cooler up to the lids
of the plastic food containers, see the video.
Cover the cooler and do not distrub for 5 to 8 hours, longer time creates a more tart yogurt.

7. After 5 to 8 hours, place the quart containers in your refrigerator overnight.

Click here to view my video about the above easy home made Yogurt process


A. Take a 4 cup [950 ml] plastic container (I use 4 cup [950 ml] measuring container) place a small spacer like a 1 inch [25 mm] long plastic pipe in the bottom, see below video.

B. Place a plastic [permanent] coffee filter over the small 2 inch [25 mm] pipe spacer.

Add your plain yogurt to the plastic coffee filter and place in refrigerator for 4 hours.
Remove the coffee filter with the Greek Yogurt and use your Greek Yogurt with fruit, in smoothie, on salads and etc.

Click here to view my video about the above Greek Yogurt making process