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1977 Webart MICRO 2000
Scanning online Basis Weight (paper) and Thickness (plastic film) measurement system

1977 WEBART 1000
analog non-scanning was announced for small width web lines.

1978 Webart MICRO 3000
Scanning online Paper Basis Weight and Moisture paper web measurement system

1986 Webart MICRO 1000
Non-scanning online Paper Basis Weight and Moisture paper web measurement system

1988 Webart 8000 Mill Roll Scanner
Finished Roll non-contact material variation measurement system

1989 Webart 9000
Scanning web measurement and control system with touch screen video,
Ethernet Smart scanners and 16 web sensor combinations

1989 & 1991 Converting & 1991 Control Magazines
1989 article about an ER-WA-PA packaging line controlled by Ohmart's Webart 9000 system at Alusuiee in Shelbyville KY. 1991 Converting article about Green Bay Packaging's Egan coating line using a Webart 900 for weight measurement. 1991 Control magazine article about Courtaulds Films [UK] use of Ohmart's WebArt 9000 for coating weight measurement.

Concept One offered advanced process measurement and process control systems for low throughput
web processes, where online measurement had not been economically possible in the past.


1988 Scintillation Density Detector
High sensitivity scintillation detector reduced the required source activity,
reduced stray radiation fields and provided the customer higher performance.

1989 Densart (Density Measurement)
"Who else would monitor tell that you're a little dense" brochure

1989 Levelart (Level Measurement)
"Who else would monitor your ups and downs" brochure

1989 Weighart (Weigh Scale Measurement)
"Who else would lessen your load" brochure

1989 Moistart 5000 (Bulk Moisture Measurement)
system for on-line measurement of the bulk [not just surface] moisture
[and fiber weight] of wood chips flowing into a pulp mill digester

1989 Smart Scan Motor-Driven Tank Scanner
Interface measurement system of mult-density materials in a closed tank

1989 Processing Magazine
review of Ohmart's "Untouchable" process measurment products

1990 All Products Brochure


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